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Christine Cafarella-Pearce  

Healesville artist Christine Cafarella-Pearce paints with a distinctive technique, pallet and sense of design. 

Her portraits express her sitter’s story with love and positive sensitivity. 

A keen plein air painter, Christine paints in response to people, seasons, events and the immediate environment.   She involves her viewers by creating emotional connections between themselves and her work. 

Inspired by The Heidelberg School and the French Impressionists, Christine enjoys artistic challenges and new projects are a necessary part of her artistic development.


Some of her current work expresses her views on social injustice, whilst other pieces are exploring watercolour technique that creates a positive mindset for viewers. Christine states that . . . 


”My faith has shown me a different way to see how often we lack respect, love and caring for people less fortunate than ourselves, and how we prefer to consider our own rights above others”.

Also a poet, Christine sometimes writes poetry to express her paintings and paints to further express
her poetry.